Goblin Gold


Are funds safu?

Our platform is currently unaudited but is being peer reviewed by other Solana developers from reputable protocols. It is currently closed source until we complete our peer reviews, it is to prevent the discovery of exploits by unknown black hats.
We are working towards being open sourced soon.

How do I see my yield?

Given the seamless integration with our smart contracts, no additional accounts are created to the users. Hence, we can't track your deposits or withdrawals, so note down the amount of asset deposited.
However, you can view your current balance under the 'Deposited' tab. The difference between the value you deposited and the balance as of now is your yield.


When depositing, you will get back ggTokens that represent your shares in the vault. The amount of ggToken in lamports will always be lower than the amount of the asset deposited.
The price of the ggTokens increase with the rewards generated by the vault.
Find out more about ggTokens here!


When withdrawing, the ggToken that you received when depositing; will be burnt and you will get back your shares in the vault.
As the auto-rebalancing is happening every hour, we encourage you to deposit for more than an hour into the vault.
I mean, who are we kidding, we want you to deposit forever.