Goblin Gold

Role in ecosystem

Our Vision

From the very start, Goblin Gold was built with the intention of being community first. Hence, we started with no name, no logo and no VC. In fact, Goblin Gold was a name decided by our community.
We envision ourselves to build our product, yield aggregating vaults to cater to retail adoption bringing them:
  • Yield optimisation enabling of efficiency on capital investments;
  • Smart contracts enabling the ideology of deposit and forget;
  • DAO enabling decision-making and inclusive community.

Why build this product?

Solana's DeFi ecosystem has vast financial services bringing opportunities to all types of investors. However, as the crypto adoption brings in more retail investors, new blood in the ecosystem is on the losing end as they lack the experiences and knowledge to achieve capital efficiency.

Problems that retail investors may face

Lack efficiency: If users prefer to participate in lending/borrowing of collaterals, but there are several protocols that does the same and has differing APY %. They can achieve the best yield only if they monitor and re-allocate when yield % changes. How is that being efficient?
Huge learning curve: In order to participate in different protocols, users have to understand the different architecture, money-making methods, roadmap, etc of the protocol. Hence, a huge learning curve for retail users.


Our protocol aims to provide retail investors and DAOs to participate in Solana's DeFi ecosystem through a simple yet optimised protocol.
Retail investors: By depositing in the our strategies, our smart contract does the calculation of APY and auto-rebalances to achieve the most optimal yield. With this protocol, investors can deposit across multiple money-making protocols and earn the best yield.