Goblin Gold

Goblin Gold NFT

At Goblin Gold, we believe in community first. Hence, we want to incentivise early depositors and contributors through an NFT collection.

About the collection

Supply: FIRST 500 wallets that meet the requirements for airdrop.
Mint price: What do you mean mint price? IT'S A FREE* AIRDROP TO ALL GOBLINS.
  • Deposit into our BestAPY strategy with a value of 200 $USDC
    If demand is perceived, supply can be adjusted and other vaults are eligible as well, such as 2 $SOL.
  • 1 NFT per wallet
  • Snapshot will be taken on 10 JUNE 2022
Airdrop of our IDO tokens!!! & maybe more 👀
You want more than 1 NFT?
In order to incentivise goblins that contribute actively (at the discretion of the Golden Goblin team) on Discord and Twitter, they will be airdropped a second NFT.
  • Twitter
    ↳ Thread of Goblin Gold's no VC approach
    ↳ Thread of BestAPY strategy
  • Discord
    ↳ Community moderation & engagement
    ↳ Memes & art creation
Members MUST either have Goblintern or Green Goblin role to be eligible.