Goblin Gold
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Goblin Gold

Yield Aggregating Vaults built on Solana Blockchain

Introduction to Goblin Gold

Goblin Gold is a yield aggregating vaults protocol that generates optimised yields through customised risk strategies. The protocol is designed to invest in several products while tokenising your positions, allowing composability with other features.
With our DAO integration and IDO tokens, token holders can participate in our governance to make decisions on strategies, vaults and the future of the protocol.
In layman terms, we help you make the most out of your money using your money.

Get involved

  • We are launched! Start depositing here -> App
  • Check out our community server and soon to be DAO here -> Discord
  • To follow our developments & stay up to date, follow us here -> Twitter
  • For more major announcements, check them out here -> Medium
  • Treasuries and DAO integrations can be found here -> Realm